Message from Director General

General Director-W/ro Samia Zekaria In this modern age, i.e., the 21 st century, statistical information has become an indispensable input of the development process of a country. Official Statistics produced by the National Statistical Systems, such as the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) are the evidence in which policies are built. They help to identify needs, set goals and monitor progress.

Furthermore, it stands on the role of Official Statistical Systems to build publicly accessible and reliable statistics, which effectively provide a relevant and sound management information system to aid informed decision-making at all levels of government as well as the individual citizen of the country. This in other words means Official Statistics are playing a very important role not only as a basic data input for planning, designing, evaluating and monitoring or reviewing of policies, programs and strategies, but also an information that is indispensable to the public as a whole for making rational decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to steadily develop Official Statistical Systems that are compatible with socio-economic policies and changes, and provide quality data with internationally comparable standards and in an easy to-use form. In-turn, this will contribute to efficient and effective governance through the implementation and follow-up of policies, programs and strategies based on empirical data.

In Ethiopia the CSA is expected to play a proactive role in generating Official Statistical information on all socio-economic sectors and design new directions in the development of Official Statistics that goes in line with the country’s economic development programs and policies.

In this respect, the CSA of Ethiopia is committed to play a crucial role in coordinating and delivering effective and demand driven National Statistical System and service which are central to formulating and monitoring the development initiatives of the country. This urges the CSA to producing statistical information that are timely, accessible, relevant, reliable, user oriented, user friendly and cost effective.  

It is in this light therefore, CSA so far undertook a lot of activities, which generated statistical information that was an input in general, in any decision making process and in particular, for planning, policy formulation, analysis and debates and monitoring and evaluation of the country’s development agenda. Yet there is much that requires further improvement on the part of the CSA, in particular, in providing data and indicators on current socio-economic situations of the country. This is so because the demand for data by government, non-government organizations research intuitions and universities, international organizations…etc within and outside the country is increasing tremendously.

Moreover, to improve timeliness of survey dissemination, most of data users are demanding CSA to start a new culture of announcing publication dates in advance for the public and strictly work towards that deadline. This is expected to be effective in the medium term statistical program. At the moment, dissemination of the results of the surveys/censuses is done mainly through regular publications. This is another area, which needs the CSA to make much effort and capacity building activities in order to use electronic media for dissemination as well. Recently tremendous efforts are being exerted to realize the application of ICT to produce and disseminate our statistical products more efficiently and timely.

Samia Zekaria
Director General

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