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Welcome to the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia

The CSA is responsible for the statistical data generation related to the socio-economic condition of the country. For this, the CSA conducts, produces, disseminates and administers data generated from surveys and censuses in Ethiopia.

Our website offers countrywide statistical information generated from surveys and censuses. The website contains the dynamic consumer price database, the Ethiopian National Data Archive (ENADA), the Indicator database called Ethioinfo in addition to the overall functions and objectives, responsibilities and organizational structure of the CSA.

The vision of the Central Statistics Agency (CSA) is to be a center of excellence in providing official statistics that can be used as an input for sustainable socioeconomic development.


The mission of the CSA is to produce comprehensive, timely, reliable and standardized statistical information using scientific statistical methods; lead the country's statistical system; become a center of official statistical training; and fulfill all users' needs through ICT based data archiving, analysis and dissemination system.

  • Inflation rate for the month of June 2016 is 7.5%
  • PPI-Ag October 2015 is 12.5%
  • Total Population size as of July 1, 2015 90,074, 000
  • Total Male Population size as of July 2015 45,250, 000
  • Total Female Population size as of July 2015 44,825,000
  • Urban Unemployment 2015 17.5%
  • Literacy rate 2009/10 (or recent) 36% of children under weight (too thin for-age) 2011 29.0%
  • GDP per Capital (in US) 2006/07 255.4
  • National Povertyhead count indices and inequality in 2010/2011 29.6%
  • Rural Povertyhead count indices and inequality in 2010/2011 30.4%
  • Urban Povertyhead count indices and inequality in 2010/2011 25.7%

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